What does your dream home look like? Our aim is to reflect your story in our designs

We appreciate that a masterpiece, a home, or a project that exemplifies our clients’ specifications and desired style takes meticulous time to master.

We take pride in our one-stop-shop approach to work in an efficient and detailed manner.

We’ve been constructing, and steadily mastering the art of architecture. We know how essential it is to continually pay attention to industry trends; that is why we always adapt our designs to meet the needs of our clients, but we also have an uncanny ability to blend charming, historic designs with smart, modern and the latest aesthetics.


Custom Design

Once we attain your requests, taste, and vision, with the help of our talented team we will create unique designs customized for you. Since this is your soulful space, we believe it is important for us to work together, back and forth until you are content with what you see.

Exterior Design

Our ability to construct homes in a timely manner, to create designs that match the desires of the current market, and to stay within budget helps to draw in a variety of talented developers!

Project Management

At Elite Class we recognize that the process of building a custom home can be quite daunting and overwhelming for many people. That is why we provide expert project management, consulting & design advice regardless of your project stage. Our role as project manager can help make the process easier by coordinating all the necessary elements required for building a custom home. 

Design Inspiration

To begin with, as a show of appreciation for our potential new clients, we offer a one-hour free consultation session during which we will answer all basic questions.

Once we’ve gone over the main topics, we will guide you through our step-by-step process and explain what would happen next. Our aim is to create a comfortable environment for our clients where they can talk about their vision and their project and how will they come together.

We are highly confident that based on our know-how and our expertise we will be able to convert their vision to reality!

The easiest way to start is by filling out our consultation form.